Your custom collaborative platform

A toolbox fully adaptable to your needs

Acollab is a complete collaborative platform which technical foundation allows to carry out specific developments according to your needs.

Acollab’s proven components and our expertise in collaborative tools allow us to design, develop and implement your custom platform with you.

Do you need minor modifications to the current features of Acollab?

  • We then develop a specific version of Acollab for you.

Do you need a collaborative platform that is fully adapted to your internal operations?

  • We develop a platform according to your specifications using the different Acollab modules.

Some examples of how Acollab can be adapted to your specific needs

  • Integration of your business data.
  • Design personalization (modification of colors, inclusion of your graphic charter).
  • Integration of content from your business applications (CRM, ERP, EDM, etc.).
  • Integration of your business processes and workflows (document validation, information circuits, automatic notifications).