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Shared calendar - Collaborative planning - Team calendar

With Acollab software, you have the ability to create a shared calendar for each of your teams or for each project you are working on.

You would like to have a complete overview of your project planning and that of your participants? Acollab is the right solution for you.

With its ease of use and pleasant ergonomics, the Acollab online collaborative calendar allows anyone involved in a project to be informed of its various events and deadlines. This collaborative tool will improve your efficiency and organization.

Having a shared online planning for your organization or company can be an undeniable advantage for the management of your projects. With a few clicks, you can assign access to shared online calendars to different members of your teams.

The features of our shared calendar management software

A shared calendar for each project

With Acollab, you can assign an individualized shared schedule to each project you carry out. You will therefore be able to plan and visualize the different meetings and appointments of the project.

You will also have the possibility to preview all the shared calendars of each project on the general schedule of your dashboard.

Project participants always alerted

A good planning management tool involves informing all participants in a project of the various events added to the calendar over time. For this purpose, the Acollab online collaborative calendar software has a notification system to notify project participants of upcoming events.

Set up reminders so that you never forget anything

An appointment, conference or meeting are events that can quickly be forgotten, even if it is on your calendar and those of your employees. With Acollab shared calendar software, you can attach reminders (segmented into minutes, hours, days) to your email. This ensures that all events in your project will be monitored by you and other participants.

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