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Document management software (EDM)

The document management software

The Acollab DMS (Electronic Document Management) tool allows a complete document management of a company’s or organization’s files, in a digital form. Acollab software is similar to an electronic storage space that makes your files accessible online to some or all of your employees. Multiple document types or formats can be shared and stored online:

  • Office documents (Word, Excel, Power point,…)
  • Digitized paper documents (PDF, TIFF…)
  • Images
  • Videos
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The various features of the Acollab EDM tool

File sharing software

The primary function of the Acollab document management (EDM) tool is online file sharing, which allows you to exchange digital documents in an efficient and organized manner. Beyond a simple sharing platform, Acollab gives you the opportunity to reorganize the document structure and have access to it wherever you are. No more files getting lost between different participants, no more documents that are never consulted by either of them. Now with Acollab, file sharing between your customers and collaborators has become very easy and centralized in one place. All this in complete security and in a personalized way according to your projects.

Control of access to each file and folder

Acollab gives you the possibility to organize your documents as you wish. You can determine which participants will have access to which files within a project.

Creating file (or folder) sharing links with your partners

Each file (or folder) stored in Acollab can be shared with your external contacts (partners, customers,…) by creating a unique sharing link, possibly protected by a password. This function allows you to securely exchange files or folders with people who are not part of your collaborative workspace.

The major strengths of using the tool

The Acollab document management software not only meets the needs of document dematerialization, but also the needs of organization and information control. In concrete terms, equipping yourself with the Acollab online document management tool allows you to:

  • Improve document processing speed: information stored and filed instantly, one-click access to all files and documents.
  • Increase the overall productivity of the people involved in a project.
  • Structure folders and processes to allow all employees to have a common filing base or folder tree.
  • Distribute all information more quickly and widely within companies and organizations (more fluid flow of information).
  • Adapt to classification rules and standards by offering a customized solution adapted to each type of business and organization.
  • Reduce and optimize the management of paper documents (100% space saving and storage, 0% downgrading and 100% time saving).
  • Archive the mass of paper information and leave it open for consultation.
  • Save on consumables, printing and storage space (cost reduction).
  • Comply with security rules to secure and archive files and documents.
  • Access information wherever you are, on the move or at the office.

The guarantees offered by Acollab

The Acollab online file sharing solution guarantees you a simple setup and a very intuitive use. The optimisation of the tool’s ergonomics also provides an appreciable reading comfort and a clear orientation for the user. Accessible in SaaS mode, our document management solution is adapted to businesses and all institutions, associations, companies and other entities. All of this provided in total security.

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