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Time and expense tracking

The platform’s time tracking software

The Acollab collaborative platform has a time tracking tool of its own, Timecollab, which allows you to track, on a daily basis, the time spent on all your projects or activities.

This tool is particularly suitable for teams with an activity organized into projects and allows you to answer the following questions:

  • How much time does a team spend on a particular project?
  • What is the cost of a given project?
Screenshot dashboard Timecollab

Time tracking features

Time-spent reporting

Each employee can report his or her time spent per project or task, on a daily or weekly basis.

A “Timer” allows you to keep track of the time spent in real time.

Expenses reporting

The tool also allows each team member to allocate an expense to a project or even a task. For service companies, it is possible to separate billable expenses from non-billable expenses.

Integration with the collaborative platform

The tool is perfectly integrated with the collaborative platform’s project management since the time spent and expenses incurred are attributed to the projects and tasks created in the platform’s various collaborative spaces.

Contract or fixed-price management

For each “billable” project, it is possible to define whether invoicing is done on a time-spent (managed) or fixed price basis. This feature allows you to evaluate the profitability of a project by comparing its costs and revenues.

Employee management

For each member of a project, it is possible to define a daily working time, a number of chargeable hours in the day, overtime and an hourly rate.

Comprehensive and customized reports

Several time and expense tracking dashboards are available:

  • The weekly, monthly and annual times of each employee.
  • Time and expense details by project, user and task.
  • The monthly aggregation of the times of a project.
  • The annual summary of project times.
  • Time per employee over the period of your choice.
  • The times per project over the period of your choice (current week, last 7 days, current month, last 30 days, current year, last year, personalized period).

The ideal tool for service providers

IT services company, web agency, consulting firm, communication agency, architectural firm, law firm, small to large service companies… if your activity is organized by projects, it is important for you to follow the time spent by each employee on the different projects you manage.

The integration of the Acollab collaborative platform and its Timecollab time management tool allows for simple, fluid and efficient project management.

Why use Acollab time tracking ? For example, to :

  • Evaluate the profitability of your projects, whether they are managed on a contract or fixed price basis.
  • Facilitate the invoicing of your services.
  • Assign the workload to the different employees.
  • Establish complete activity reporting.

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