An intranet to improve teamwork - Acollab

An intranet to improve teamwork

Centralize all the information of your teams

Acollab makes it possible to achieve three fundamental objectives that improve teamwork :

  • Communicate and transmit information effectively.
  • Plan and monitor your project tasks.
  • Make the employees’ social network a driving force for innovation and project development.
centralize informations

Communicate and share for effective teamwork

Acollab centralize all the team’s informations in its own Intranet.

It includes simple and effective tools to manage your information: document sharing, messages, wiki, forum, calendar…

collaborative messaging tool

Manage your tasks

Acollab is also a project planning tool: group calendar and task management.

The group calendar allows the management of events and the invitation of members, the attendance management allows you to know who will be there.

Each task is characterized by: its progress, its leaders, its importance, its important dates, its status…

Each team member has quick access to the tasks assigned to him/her.

Acollab allows to manage your tasks and monitor the progress of your projects.

task management

The power of social media

The power of social media reveals the talents of your team.

Acollab networks the skills of your teams through the user directory.

Enhanced profiles show the skills of your team members. They make it easy to identify the right talent at the right time.

collaborative directory