Collaborative platform for high-performance teams - Acollab
Device Frame

All the collaborative tools for your team, regrouped in the same webspace

File sharing / EDM

Project management, Tasks tracking

Shared calendar

Collaborative messaging

Time & expense tracking

... and many other features.

Quick start

No installation. Quick and intuitive use for everyone.

Real free trial

Free trial without credit card. Monthly or annual plan.

Hosting in Europe

Cloud solution on servers that comply with European Community regulations.

Data security

SSL protocol guaranteeing the confidentiality of your data.

From 5€ per month and per user.

Free trial up to 30 days, without commitment and without credit card.

Acollab is also available as a mobile application

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Why use a web collaborative platform ?

Regardless of your organization, you are required to work with internal or external contacts (teammates, managers, partners, clients).
The Acollab collaborative platform allows you to share, in a dedicated workspace, all the usefull informations for this collaboration and provides you with all the tools for optimal teamwork.

Work in teams

Acollab centralizes all the information of a team in a single interface: documents, files, messages, comments, calendar, pages, tasks, events, planning, dashboard, timesheet, expenses, etc.

Manage projects

Acollab facilitates the management of your internal and external projects, with your customers and partners, via a controlled access to your platform and a tool to track time spent.

Animate a network

Acollab allows you to increase the efficiency of teams working in network: agencies, subsidiaries, franchises, functional departments, cross-functional teams

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