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Project management

Management by objectives and tasks

The Acollab collaborative platform has a complete project management tool.

The concept of collaborative workspaces allows you to divide your activity into as many projects as you wish and to manage user access permissions at the level of each project. A project is organized according to a two-level hierarchy:

  • Objectives (or task list), which allow you to define the structure of the project.
  • Tasks (grouped by objective) that have many attributes detailed below.
project management

Main features of Acollab project management

Tasks list management

Tasks list allow the project to be divided into groups of tasks.

Task management

Each task has the following attributes:

  • label and a description,
  • level of priority,
  • start date and end date,
  • status (To do, In progress, Completed, Archived, etc…) and percentage of progress,
  • milestone.

Task manager(s)

It is possible to assign each task to one or more managers. The managers will be notified as soon as an event occurs on these tasks. It is thus possible to visualize all the tasks associated with a team member.

Integrated time tracking

The platform’s time and expense tracking tool, Timecollab, allows you to track the time spent on the different tasks of your project.

Gantt chart

Gantt chart is a tool used in project management, allowing to visualize in time the tasks of the project. It allows you to graphically represent the progress of the project. This tool fulfils two objectives: to plan optimally and to communicate within the established schedule. The task start and end dates, as well as the percentage of progress, allow you to view the tasks of a project in a Gantt chart.


Each team member can leave a comment on a task, which makes it easier for participants to interact with each other for a better completion of the task.

Attached files

The ability to attach files to project tasks allows team members to quickly access documents relevant to the task, deliverables or intermediate working documents.

Task import / export

In case of similar projects, it is possible to import tasks from an other project to save time when initiating a new project.


Email notifications can alert team members when a task is assigned to them, when a new task is created, when a task changes to a status that concerns them, etc.