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Communication and messaging tools

Synchronous and asynchronous communication

Communicating information between team members is key to successful collaboration. This is why several communication and messaging tools are at the core of the Acollab collaborative platform.

The communication needs within a team can be of different kinds:

Asynchronous communication

These are delayed communications, such as email exchanges.

This method of communication makes it possible to free oneself from the availability of one’s interlocutor (s) and has the advantage of time for reflection.

Acollab offers two asynchronous communication applications: Messaging and Forum.

Synchronous communication

These are communications that take place in real time, such as telephone conversations.

This method of communication has the advantage of speed and generally allows for more direct communication.

Acollab allows synchronous communication via its real-time chat application.

Communication by messages – Messaging tools

All messages from your team at one place

The Messages application allows you to centralize all the updates of a project or a team.

The messages posted by each team member are visible to everyone and easy to find. This makes it easier for new employees to find their way in, since they have immediate access to information.

Main features include

  • Creation of HTML messages, with the possibility of attaching links and files.
  • Search for messages (filters, keywords).
  • Replies to a message in comment format.
  • Customizable notifications in case of a new message or comment.

Online chat

Exchange in real time

The Chat application allows you to chat live with a member or subgroup of your team.

Main features include

  • Private messages to a collaborator
  • Creation of “chat rooms” allowing several people to exchange ideas in real time on a given subject.
  • Invitations from platform members to a “discussion room”.
  • Possibility to pin a message to highlight it to all participants in the discussion.


A space for exchange

The forum is an asynchronous discussion space, allowing its members to exchange on several topics organized in discussion threads. Exchanges on a given subject are organized in a hierarchical manner.

The Forum application allows you to create your own internal forum within the company, team or project.

How does a forum work?

The principle of a forum is quite simple. First, you create forums and sub-forums on the topics of your choice. Then, in each forum, users create discussion topics (or questions), and other users can reply to them via messages (or replies).

Everyone has the possibility to receive notifications according to the activities on the forum: when a contribution to one of its discussions is published, as soon as a new discussion is initiated, etc…

The ideal tool to ask a question

The forum is very useful for asking a question to the whole team and allows each member to benefit from the answers provided by the other members.