Online collaborative workspace - Acollab - collaborative platform

Online collaborative workspace

In many cases in companies and organizations, we do not know much about the tasks upstream or downstream of our work. We therefore do not have a global vision of the activity in which we participate. This represents a real communication, cooperation and coordination problem, which can be solved by setting up an online collaborative workspace such as Acollab.

Presentation of the Acollab online collaborative workspace

The Acollab online collaborative platform is a virtual workspace that allows you to exchange and work collaboratively (groups or project teams) on common documents and tools. Acollab offers you the possibility to create information in order to share it and thus, to increase your productivity and efficiency in the safe conduct of your project. The Acollab tool is intended for all types of companies; from the liberal professions, associations, SMEs, VSEs to firms, agencies and local authorities… many participants can use our collaborative solution.


The various features of the Acollab tool

Acollab allows its members to collectively use different tools quickly and efficiently, to develop documents by working on their latest versions, to participate in online discussions (in the form of forums, messaging or comments), to archive and exchange data or documents that are essential for members and to provide multiple other opportunities to facilitate communication, exchange and collaboration.

The benefits of the online collaborative workspace

  • Exchange, share practices/initiatives/expertise.
  • Facilitate information accessibility, diffusion and transfer.
  • Facilitate learning by gathering personal knowledge.
  • Helping each other to solve problems.
  • Evolve ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Express yourself freely.
  • A certain transparency in the work provided (sharing of any documents or experiences with others).
  • Facilitate networking.