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Online wiki tool

Collaborative page publishing

The Acollab online wiki tool is a collaborative 2.0 editing system on which several people participate in the development of a common document. Each user will be able to create pages, modify its content, comment on it… These pages can be multiplied according to the evolution of your project and your needs. With the Acollab wiki tool, you have an impressive potential for editorial creation!

The features of our online wiki tool

Each project has its own wiki and participants

With Acollab, it is possible for you to assign a custom wiki to each project you run. You will therefore be able to assign very specific people to the writing of documents according to their missions and roles within the project. Acollab therefore allows full control over access to the wiki; it is not open to everyone. Only users with permissions will be able to create or modify documents or pages.

A history of pages available in all circumstances

A wiki implies that several people in a group work on the same document or page. That being said, once the modifications to this document have been made by one of the contributors, it appears impossible to go back in time to access deleted ideas or other information… In this perspective, the Acollab online wiki software contains a history that allows you to follow the evolution of your document and get back to the previous version of your choice according to your desires.

collaborative writing

Some examples of using the Acollab wiki

The Acollab wiki tool is used by different types of organizations such as companies (SMEs, SMIs, big corporates), associations, communities, schools, universities….

Some examples of using an online wiki:

  • internal company procedures,
  • meeting reports, general assembly and committee debriefings,
  • knowledge base,
  • documentation of your projects,
  • implementation of standard letters (templates),
  • glossary development,
  • constitution of bibliographies,
  • collaborative document creation,
  • brainstorming space,
  • a space for writing and experimenting freely.