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Main features – Collaborative tools

Collaborative workspaces, File sharing, Project management, Group calendar, Communication by messages, Time tracking, Mobile application, Permissions management

Workspace management

Creation of unlimited workspaces or projects

You can create as many collaborative workspaces as you wish for your services, your teams, your projects, your workgroups, your communities.

Personalised access permissions per user

You define the access permissions for each user on each of the dedicated workspaces.

You can also invite partners, customers or suppliers and control their access permissions.

Free choice of functions used per workspace

You set the features you want to be used in each workspace.

File Sharing (EDM)

File sharing and storage (Dropbox style)

Share your files online with your team. Put them in directories.

Store the different versions of your files automatically.

Generation of a download link (Wetransfer style)

Share your documents by email, a unique link allows your contacts to download some files that you can also protect by password.

Enjoy a complete and easy-to-use Document Management System (DMS).

sharing file
project management

Project management

Tasks assignment

Manage your project tasks and assign them to your teammates.

Tasks tracking

Track the progress of your tasks through their status.

Tasks global visualization

View the Gantt diagram of your project.

Additional usefull options for tasks

Attach your deliverable files directly to tasks.

You can manage projects that have the same structure, import tasks from another project to save time.

Receive notifications when tasks are assigned to you or when they change status.

Group calendar

Calendar sharing

Visualize all your project milestones or centralize all your events (meeting, exhibition, presentation,…) using a Shared Calendar.

Manage the presence of your events participants.

group calendar

Communication by messages

Centralization of messages and comments

Centralize and share all your messages via a simple and unique interface.

You can share any type of information with your colleagues, they can respond with comments.

Time tracking / Time clock

Time management and expense tracking

Each user can enter the time he/she spends on his/her tasks and projects on a daily or weekly basis.

Enter your expenses related to your project.

It enables you to know how much time you actually spend on your projects, and you can quickly analyse your projects profitability.

Screenshot dashboard Timecollab
Screenshot Acollab iPhone IOS
Screenshot Acollab android

Mobile application

Access to your data on the move

Access your data from your mobile via the Acollab Android or iOS application.

Receive notification as soon as content has been created or modified.

Integrate your Acollab contacts into your personal contacts already registered on your mobile.

You can easily view your messages, files, tasks and calendar from your mobile phone.

Permissions management

Personalised permissions per user

You can define access permissions for each user in each workpace and for each of the platform’s applications (Calendar, Files Management, Messages, etc…)

Guest type users

Guests are users with restricted permission on the Acollab platform. For example, they may be one of your customers, partners or suppliers.

permission management

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