FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What are the limits of the free trial?

The only limit of the Acollab free trial is time. During the 30-day free trial, you will have access to all the platform’s features, allowing you to use it in real conditions. In addition, you can add as many users as you wish during this period.

Who can use Acollab?

Everyone, including people with basic computer skills. Any teams working in SMEs, MidCaps or large groups, associations, local authorities, any working groups of individuals …

Today, in many cases, we are called upon to work as a team, in a company or in another context such as an association, a club or a work group; being able to centralize messages, events, files is a need that we have to deal with every day in many different situations. Acollab is the solution to make it easier for you to manage your team or group

How to install Acollab?

No computer, tablet or telephone installation is required. You access Acollab from your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

All you need is an internet connection to access all your data stored in Acollab from any terminal.

You just have to create an account very simply in one minute!

Where is my data hosted?

Acollab is an application that is hosted by OVH company in a data center located in France under French regulations. The data is secured on a dedicated server specific to Acollab and our company Akelio.

What is a collaborative workspace?

Acollab is a collaborative platform that allows you to create as many collaborative spaces (or projects) as you wish.

A workspace can be created for each of your teams or work groups, or for each of your projects, or for each of your customers.

In a workspace you define the permissions for each user, then you set up the applications you want to use (files, messages, projects, agenda, wiki, forum, survey, task monitoring…).

A collaborative workspace is therefore an online virtual space dedicated to a group of people with different tools to make teamwork easier (communication, information sharing and member coordination).

It is also a great traceability tool so that everyone can follow the progress of the joint project.

Puis-je donner facilement accès à un client ou un partenaire à mes espaces collaboratifs Acollab ?

Acollab est un extranet collaboratif multi partenaires. Acollab a été conçu dès le début pour faciliter le travail avec des personnes externes à votre entreprise ou à votre organisation. Vous définissez les droits d’accès au niveau de chaque espace collaboratif et pour chaque application de cet espace.

Vous pouvez par exemple donner accès à un espace à votre client et uniquement aux applications message et fichiers mais pas aux autres applications.

De nombreuses entreprises utilisent Acollab pour créer des espaces d’échanges avec leurs clients en créant un espace dédié à chaque projet client. Toutes les informations du projet sont ainsi centralisées, et les nombreuses notifications par e-mail permettent de savoir instantanément lorsqu’un client vous fait un commentaire ou dépose un fichier par exemple. Il en est de même pour lui.

Can I easily give a customer or partner access to my Acollab workspaces?

Acollab is a multi-partner collaborative extranet. Acollab was designed from the beginning to make it easier to work with people outside your company or organization. You define access rights at the level of each workspace and for each application of this workspace.

For example, you can give your customer access to a space and only to message and file applications but not to other applications.

Many companies use Acollab to create workspaces for exchanges with their customers by creating a workspace dedicated to each customer project. All project information is centralized, and the numerous e-mail notifications allow you to know instantly when a customer makes a comment or submits a file, for example. Same goes for the customer.

By subscribing to the solution, will I have access to personalized support to answer my questions and assist me on my project?

You can contact us for all types of questions (commercial, technical, about features…), we will answer them and assist you in your projects if necessary.

I have lost my Acollab password. How can I proceed?

On your Acollab login page, you can click on the link “Forget password?” You will then be asked to type in your email address and an email will be sent to you to reset your password.