Networking and sharing solution within your organisation - Acollab

Collaboration and networking

How networking organizations increase their efficiency with Acollab

Acollab has many advantages for all types of networking organizations (e.g. subsidiaries, franchises, agencies, clusters, etc.):

  • Collaborative workspaces for your teams, your communities, cross-functional workspaces.
  • Geographic distance shortening.
  • Information communication and dissemination is made easier within the network.
  • Common standards of methods and expertise enriched by the entire network.
  • Quick skills research throughout the network.
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Acollab connects all members of your network wherever they are

Acollab allows the creation of as many workspaces as necessary in your network organization. Each team or community has its own workspace. Cross-functional workspaces common to several entities ensure an effective link between them, for example between the parent entity and its subsidiaries.

Acollab’s permissions management gives users access to workspaces and data that concern them exclusively.

All entities in your organization communicate quickly with each other and share information. This ensures the diffusion of local expertise to the network and capitalizes on the organization’s knowledge.

In a networking organisation, it quickly becomes difficult to identify the talents and skills available across all entities in the network. Acollab provides the solution by offering a presentation of the enriched profiles of CV-type users.

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